Great Britain: A Nation of Coffee Lovers

Great Britain: A Nation of Coffee Lovers

Do you add boiling hot water to coffee? How do you make the perfect espresso? Whether you like to brew coffee at home, baristas have all the answers to help with your caffeine fix. Coffee drinkers are habitual in their drinking habits with three out of ten have one first thing in the morning, two thirds (64%) drink one late morning and over half (51%) have a cup in the afternoon.

When it comes to trying new coffees, London coffee drinkers are the most adventurous (74%), in contrast to Yorkshire (37%), Northern Ireland (37%) and the South West (39%) who are the least adventurous.

All the recent developments in the coffee industry, encapsulating flavours, technology and the coffee drinking experience may well be influencing the perception and perceived career opportunities that a Barista has to offer too. As interestingly, of those coffee drinkers surveyed it was found that half (49%) would select being a Barista as their preferred profession, other than selecting waitressing or bartending as a profession.

Ahead of the Barista of the Year competition, the baristas reveal their techniques for brewing the perfect cup of coffee as well as tackling the myths and misconceptions around coffee. 

Baristas play a huge role in experimenting with coffee to create new coffee trends and their own ‘signature drink’. Some of the recent coffee trends across the globe include Egg Cappuccino’s from Korea, Nitro Cold Brew from the United States and Charcoal Lattes from the UK. 

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